Las mejores 15 aplicaciones para detectar fallos de SQL injection

La gente de Security Hacks, nos ha dejado una lista
con las 15 mejores aplicaciones "free" para escanear
vulnerabilidades de SQL Inyeccion

1- SQLIer - SQLIer takes a vulnerable URL and attempts to
determine all the necessary information to exploit the SQL
Injection vulnerability by itself, requiring no user interaction at all.
Descarga SQLIer:

2- SQLbftools - SQLbftools is a collection of tools to retrieve MySQL
information available using a blind SQL Injection attack.
Descarga SQLbftools:

3- SQL Injection Brute-forcer - SQLibf is a tool for automatizing
the work of detecting and exploiting SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
SQLibf can work in Visible and Blind SQL Injection. It works by
doing simple logic SQL operations to determine the exposure level
of the vulnerable application.
Descarga SQL Injection Brute-forcer:

4- SQLBrute - SQLBrute is a tool for brute forcing data out of
databases using blind SQL injection vulnerabilities. It supports time
based and error based exploit types on Microsoft SQL Server, and
error based exploit on Oracle. It is written in Python, uses
multi-threading, and doesn’t require non-standard libraries.
Descarga SQLBrute:

5- BobCat - BobCat is a tool to aid an auditor
in taking full advantage of SQL injection
vulnerabilities. It is based on AppSecInc research.
It can list the linked severs, database schema,
and allow the retrieval of data from any
table that the current application user
has access to.
Descarga BobCat:

6- SQLMap - SQLMap is an automatic blind SQL
injection tool, developed in python, capable to
perform an active database management system
fingerprint, enumerate entire remote databases
and much more. The aim of SQLMap is to
implement a fully functional database management
system tool which takes advantages of web application
programming security flaws which lead to SQL
injection vulnerabilities.
Descarga SQLMap:

7- Absinthe - Absinthe is a GUI-based tool that
automates the process of downloading the schema
and contents of a database that is vulnerable to
Blind SQL Injection.
Descarga Absinthe:

8- SQL Injection Pen-testing Tool - The SQL Injection Tool
is a GUI-based utility designed to examine database
through vulnerabilities in web-applications.
Descarga SQL Injection Pen-testing Tool:

9- SQID - SQL Injection digger (SQLID) is a command
line program that looks for SQL injections and common
errors in websites. It can perform the follwing operations:
look for SQL injection in a web pages
and test submit forms for possible SQL injection
Descarga SQID:

10- Blind SQL Injection Perl Tool
- bsqlbf is a Perl script
that lets auditors retrieve information from web sites
that are vulnerable to SQL Injection.
Descarga Blind SQL Injection Perl Tool:

11- SQL Power Injection Injector - SQL Power
Injection helps the penetration tester to inject SQL
commands on a web page. It’s main strength is its
capacity to automate tedious blind SQL injection with
several threads.
Descarga SQL Power Injection Injector:

12- FJ-Injector Framwork - FG-Injector is a free open
source framework designed to help find SQL injection
vulnerabilities in web applications. It includes a
proxy feature for intercepting and modifying HTTP
requests, and an interface for automating SQL injection
Descarga FJ:

13- SQLNinja - SQLNinja is a tool to exploit SQL Injection
vulnerabilities on a web application that uses
Microsoft SQL Server as its back-end database.
Descarga SQLNinja:

14- Automagic SQL Injector - The Automagic SQL Injector
is an automated SQL injection tool designed to help
save time on penetration testing. It is only
designed to work with vanilla Microsoft SQL injection
holes where errors are returned.
Descarga Autmagic SQL Injector:

15- NGSS SQL Injector - NGSS SQL Injector exploit
vulnerabilities in SQL injection on disparate
database servers to gain access to stored data.
It currently supports the following databases:
Access, DB2, Informix, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle,
Descarga NGSS SQL Injector: