Script para servicios en gentoo III

Si, ya se que estoy denso con este tema, pero prometo
que es la ultima parte de este post.
Dando vuelta por los foros de gentoo, me encontre, con
un script que es "identico" al mio, si no fuera, que
el autor original tiene fecha de 2002... waaaaa...

ya no se puede inventar ni un script original en estos,
dias XDDDD !!!

Dejo una copia del mesaje del foro:
Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2002 5:35 am Post subject: Red Hat services management compatibility for new users

AUTOR: Riceboy50

I, as well as many others out there I would imagine, wondered how to start, stop, and restart services easily like I could in Red Hat by using "service ". I happened to figure out a way while reading about another topic. Here are the steps to making this possible.

1. Login as root
2. cd into /usr/sbin
3. create a file called "service" containing these lines:

runscript /etc/init.d/$1 $2

4. chmod +x service

That's it, here is an example (service sshd restart)
Have fun! :wink:
I am logged on therefore I am...

Y el link al foro:

Fernando "Jago_ff" Ferrari
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